Wednesday, March 23, 2011

what is wrong with me?

I am so addicted to reading everyone's blogs but I never find the time to write any on my own blog.... I take pictures and think to myself that will be a great blog post but i never come to blog... Alot has gone on since last time, and perhaps that is why I have been away for so long. I dont know.... I think after I read every one elses blog, when I go to write I think, well my pictures are not that great, and I dont write as well as others but I should do it anyway. This way I can document what is going on so when I finally get back around to scrap booking I will have this to go back and match my dates too. Perhaps that should be my game plan {grin}...

Maybe I will set myself a reminder and list of a few things to get caught up on!

* Brayden had surgery
* the on going saga of my dads health
* the military jobs
* our little staycation over spring break
* my want of a new baby

Nuts!!!! I have so much to write about, just need to get to it!

Thursday, January 20, 2011


With my dad getting out of the hospital yesterday,and it being a reallly cold night, the snow started falling a little after 3.  I had decided I would cook a yummy meal and have dad and my sister over... This is probably my favorite "go to" chicken recipe, I love chicken casserole but, this is easier! So, if you have to take a meal to someone this is easy and yummmmy.

 I take chicken breast and butterfly them so they cook faster, then i chunk them where you should get 4 pieces out of each piece. Like tonight I had 2 huge chicken breast, i butterflied them them cut them into 4pieces that made us have 16 pieces of chicken.

- then you take bacon, cut it in half, and wrap your chicken pieces and place in a baking dish.

- i then take a can cream of chicken, cream of celery, and 2 big spoons of sour cream. Mix them all together in a bowl, if its a little thick add either a little chicken stock, or a spoon of water.

- then spoon the sauce over each piece of chicken, salt and pepper each piece of chicken

- bake in over on 350 degrees, for around 2 hours

I  served this with yummmy green beans, corn, and mac n cheese with rolls.
It was a wonderful dinner. Im excited, we got a wonderful snow fall. The kids are out again tomorrow, Im thinking that I may clean :) and I already know of another wonderful meal for tommorow. Its always nice to have a few extra warm recipes besides soups, and chili... HAPPY SNOW DAY!!!!!!!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Alot going on.....

Since last Thursday Jan 13th so much has been going on... I know that it seems like all of my post are about being sick and well.. that sums up the way it has been for us this year. Between my blood pressure having extreme issues, and Brayden having new issues with his ears.  Anyway this is going to be a bullet point post since so much is going on, I need to remember what we have been thru and hopefully move on.

* Thursday--- Brayden went back to the dr for his ear check up, his ears are still reading flat, his tonisls are huge, and since Ethan had strep the Friday before we decided to check and test B, so they did and he was positve for strep. They really wanted him to see an ENT right away since he had 6 weeks of reading flat...

*Friday---  I went to work, when I left work at 5ish I called to check on my dad and he was having chest pains, so I sent hubby to check on him, when he got there he wasnt talking he was moaning and he tried to stand up butfell to the floor. Took him to ER i met him there, long draining night, after alot of test they thought he may have had a stroke, didnt confirm it some of the test and dye that he needed for that is bad on him since he is in Renal failure. (ill go back to this night, on another night but im drained from the week and dont want to forget anythign so Im just touching on things) he was put in ICU.

*Saturday- dad stayed in ICU, didnt learn anything new
* Sunday- he got moved to the room, our goal was to get to Monday more extensive test were going to be done on Monday
** Monday-- he had an MRI, confirmed he had a stroke, I went to the dr, got put in a blood pressure patch
** Tuesday- Speach thearpist for my dad, and a few med readjustments and stayed in hospital, I got a phone call from Vandy telling me the dr wanted Bray ear appointment moved up from Feb.21 so they moved him to next wednesday. i had a horrible night with the new patch
*Wednesday---- my dad came home from the hospital...

So a long week and Ill detail more later,but for now im tired... whats new?

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Late night talking with Brayden

I have to say that I know it is after midnight, and me and Brayden are hanging out watching Saturday Night Live, I know its totally not a kid show, but he dont understand it, just laughing at all the diffrent "charecters",, But thats not the point of the story, last night I sat up all night watching so that my baby wouldnt have a seizer in his sleep without me knowing..

During this late night chat, im just thankful his temp is down, and he still isnt feeling 100 percent but alot better then last night....

So, tonight he is saying some of the funniest things and I dont want to forget it;

* We were sitting here eating a popcicle, mine was purple and his red, he said " Look mom, they almost match, um yeah they are close arent they Bray?

* He is really into what language people speak, although most everyone he is around speaks English, people have such a hard time understanding him, his brother says something like he isnt speaking English, so tonight he said mama mia, i cook a burrito... I laughed at such an odd sentence from him, he said thats how the people on the cooking show talk, they dont speak English.... Might I add that he loves the cooking show...

* As we are laying here he told me his foot was itching please scratch it, I told him I guess, so I went to touch his foot he said, no u not touch it, its too cold for mamas to touch..

* A commercial came on for candy bar,  and he looked at me and said mama, i so bery hungry, but i not ea burrito with nuts on them, i said no sweetie thats a candy bar not a burrito ( i dont know why he is so obsessed with burritos, he want eat them) so I told him I would get him a snack what did he want, he said cinnamon toast crunch, so i got them for him, he said hmmm it taste like cheese....

 I really dont know if anyone reads here and thats ok for now, and I know that if you do read here this was so boring to you, but we have had such a fun night, his brother is gone to my dads, and my hubby is in the living room hanging out so we thought it was fun to climb in bed with mom and just laugh... I loved every single minute and so thankful for the little conversations that we have.... He is toooo funny

The bug is here!!!!

Oh my goodness, the last few days have been nuts..  Starting on Thursday, Ethan left his agenda book in my sisters car, which would never be blog worthy but she decided to go oout of town, and if he didnt take this to school he would miss recess, and I didnt want that to happen. So I called my sister to stop and i would meet her she was almost 45 min away. She was actually stuck in traffic she ran up on a horrible wreck, but I may blog about that later. So, anyway I went and spent nearly 2 hours on the road and got his agenda book-- spoiled, maybe {grin}.

Now, fast forward a few hours, Ethan comes into bed around 2 in the morning crying, I could tell he was truly sick he was burning up, and so thirsty, I thought perhaps it was his sugar, I told him he could hang out in my bed so I could keep an eye on him, few hours later it was time for school, we decided his temp was over 100 so he would be staying home, so after all the travels, he didnt need his agenda book after all, oh well! {grin}

He went to the dr at 4:30, hubby took him, Ethan is terrible with drs. called me about an hour later to tell me, I was wright it was strep, I thought it was strep, he was saying his jaw,throat, and neck was hurting.

Brayden had went to stay at my cousins house so that he wouldnt get sick, so I was at home with Ethan , making him better. my dad has been sick since Thursday from his treatment so he was at our house too. So, i just thought Brayden would benefit not being here at 8 at I get a call, Brayden is freezing and his teeth are chattering and he is really warm, but he is saying he dont feel good. I said ok, we will be right there. He gets home with a temp of 102.7, an hour later he was at 103.... This made me nervous again, it was near bed time and Brayden has had a history of seizers, he dont have them alot, but when he runs a fever of 104, it triggers his seizers.

So, that left us with a long night.......  Ill post more later, it was the longest night, and I was still awake at 5 am. So, im thinking a nap is in my future {grin}....

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Wordless Wednesday (sort of)

Go to fullsize image  You know your going to have a good day, when you have to fast for nearly 12 hours and go to the dr for blood draws.... We will know the results for everything hopefully on Friday, today was a very busy day today so im going to take it easy and relax and watch, Peoples Choice Awards tonight, should be interesting....

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Do you hear what I hear?

Sadly, Brayden is having more ear issues again... I dont remember if I have ever blogged about his ears,  Brayden has already had 2 sets of tubes, and between the 2 sets we noticed his speech delay and that he had mild hearing loss, so we thought that with the second set of tubes this would fix itself, well his 2nd set of tubes are out, and we have been back to the dr 4 times in the last month and a half for his ears. And as his mom it is breaking my heart to see my 5 year old have such a hard time expressing himself, the dr is telling me when he looks at his ear, it looks perfect, but when they measure the movement of his ear drum it is flat in both ears. so it is making me nuts. Not that I care that I have to keep going back to he dr so many times, that doesnt bother me, it breaks my heart that we have been working with speach thearpy for 4 years and he is still having such a hard time. I dont like when he is around other kids and they can be so cruel, they make comments like is he speaking english, or what is he saying. Even adults have a hard time understanding him. Heck, im his mom and around him so much and when he starts telling a story it is hard for me as well, so I guess im just venting I want my baby to better. I know that this is crazy to get down on. And trust me I know that things could be worse with his stiff person syndrome, we are blessed at the moment he is walking and moving with very little pain, we are blessed that he has outgrown his seizures, honostly I am just blessed he is alive, you know us mommies we want the absolute best for our kids... Thats all. {grin}